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Winged Shadow products are no longer available.

Although we are not offering new product sales we will continue to provide service to existing customers.
We will be available throughout 2014 to answer your questions and provide warranty repair service. See the support page for contact information.

This website will remain here for general information and to give you access to product instruction sheets.

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To Our Customers
Dear Customers,

I want to thank all of you for your interest, purchases, and support. After many years, I've decided to retire and close the business.

From the start, my goal has been to create unique products for the everyday aircraft modeler -- folks like you and me. I've always tried to make sure our customers are treated the way I want to be treated as a customer; with quality products, no-nonsense pricing, same-day shipping, and easy service. You have rewarded us for our efforts with all the business we could handle. It's been busy and challenging; exciting and frightening; rewarding and exhausting -- a wild and wonderful flight.

Thanks so much!

Dave West, Owner & Principal Engineer
Winged Shadow Systems
Winged Shadow Systems has discontinued its product line.
We no longer manufacture or sell any products (effective Dec. 31, 2013)