R/C Reporter
Multi-function System Monitor
R/C Reporter
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• Lost Plane Locator
---Plays a melody on command or if signal is lost
• Voltmeter
---Reports system voltage with 0.01V resolution
---Warns when receiver battery is low
---Uses beeps and pauses for report
------• Example voltage report representing 5.12V:
• Glitch Counter
---Checks for interference and signal integrity
---Debug system problems and antenna placement
• Minimum Voltage Capture
---Captures lowest voltage under actual in-flight load conditions
---Detects weak battery/BEC, under-sized wires, bad connections
• Simple Installation
---Works with AM, FM, PCM, and Spread-Spectrum R/C systems
---Plugs in like a servo • Weighs only 5 grams • Controlled from your transmitter
---Use any unused channel or share a channel with a Y-connector
---Customize melody and parameters with the optional Computer Interface
R/C Reporter-E
External Voltage Version
R/C Reporter-E
Related Items:
-R/C Reporter
-Computer Interface
-Shipping Options
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The R/C Reporter-E differs from the standard R/C Reporter in its ability to make external voltage measurements. This capability requires the soldered connection of a voltage input wire.

• Which version is right for you?
In most cases, the standard version is best - it's easy to install and monitors your critical receiver voltage. However, if you fly an electric model with a BEC (Battery Eliminator Circuit) or you use a voltage regulator, you might be more interested in monitoring the raw motor battery voltage. The following table summarizes differences between the versions.
--------------------------------R/C Reporter-----------------R/C Reporter-E
Voltmeter Source:-------Receiver voltage (connected internally)-----------External Voltage
Voltmeter Connection:----------No external wiring needed--------Requires soldered connection of 1 wire
Voltmeter Maximum:--------------------7.50V---------------------------------70.0V
Voltmeter Resolution:-------------------0.01V----------------------------------0.1V
Default low-voltage
---warning threshold:-------------------4.60V*--------------------------0.0V (feature off)*
* The low-voltage warning threshold can be changed by using the optional Computer Interface adapter.
All other functions and features are identical for the two versions.
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